Organic Nail Care 
"A Healthy Alternative"

Organic Nail Care is eco friendly and organic nail boutique where relaxation and therapeutic aroma help our clients escape from their hectic schedule.  With our soothing environment, our clients can relax while we care for their nails using all natural products that are healthy and safe for them and the environment.

We provide all natural organic ingredients such as salts, sugars and essential oils for hand and foot treatments.  We use different types of organic ingredients to suit our clients need.  These ingredients are designed not only for hand and foot care but also for relaxation and healing purposes in an environmentally safe way.

For peace of mind, sanitation is the utmost importance for us and our clients.  We go over and beyond to ensure that our equipment is sanitized properly.  Cleanliness and Organic can both contribute to our well being and to the sustainability of a healthy environment.

Our dedication and commitment to the highest quality of service using the finest organic products sets us apart from other nail salons.  Our clients feel rejuvenated and revitalized after receiving our healthy nail care services. 


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