Organic Nail Care 
"A Healthy Alternative"


Organic Nail Care specializes in providing all natural ingredients for manicures and pedicures.  In addition, our tranquil environment promotes relaxation to ease the mind, body, and soul.  All natural nail care salon provides a variety of organic ingredients from floral, fruits, herbs, and plants to meet our clients need.  We offer foot and hand massage using earthly ingredients which not only relaxes the muscles but also have healing purposes.

The natural and calming sounds in our nail boutique, combined with floral or fruity aroma are generally satisfying to the senses and provide a true relaxing experience.  Our clients feel refreshed after being pampered with soothing sounds, therapeutic aroma, and organic nail care.

W e use all natural products that are environmentally safe and protect the health and safety of our clients.  These organic products are therapeutic to the senses and help improve the air quality inside our salon.  We are committed to delivering the highest quality of service to our clients.

"Pamper yourself or your love ones matter"

Salon Boutique
6400 West Plano Parkway, Suite 135
Plano, Texas 75093

Map and Directions
(214) 223-3307   


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