Organic Nail Care 
"A Healthy Alternative"

(The prices will vary depending on the condition of your nails)


Hot Poultice Oil Manicure                            $28
  • Soak fingers with warm organic lotion to keep nail moist and to avoid cracking and peeling
  • Push and trim cuticle
  • Buff with organic cuticle oil to remove ridges
  • Apply sweet almond carrier oil to moisten the finger tips and prevent hang nails
  • (This treatment is recommended for winter season)

Deluxe Organic Manicure                            $35

  • Soak fingers with organic citrus ginger soap to soften the cuticle
  • Push and trim cuticle
  • Buff with organic cuticle oil to remove ridges  
  • Paraffin Wax
  • Organic lotion massage to help rejuvenate the skin


Basic Organic Pedicure                               $38
  • Soak feet with a choice of Lavender Mineral, Rain Forest Sea Salt, or Royal Spa Petal
  • Push and Trim cuticle
  • Heel Scrub (extra $8 callus care)
  • Buff with organic cuticle oil to help nail bed smooth and clean
  • Organic lotion or flavor essential oil massage to help skin healthy and radiant

Deluxe Organic Pedicure                             $45
  • Soak feet with Lavender dead sea salt to help tired feet relax from a hectic schedule
  • Push and Trim cuticle
  • Heel Scrub with callus care
  • Buff with organic cuticle oil to help nail bed smooth and clean
  • Warm towel wrap after applying a thin layer of organic cooling gel to relieve sore muscles and provide a cooling sensation with extra 10 minutes massage
  • Finish this treatment with your choice of flavored essential oil massage to moisturize and relax the skin

                       Hands or Feet

Fruitilicious              Manicure  $40   Pedicure $50
  • Soak feet with rain forest dead sea salt for 5 minutes to relieve and relax hands or feet
  • Perform exfoliating scrub of peaches and passion that gently polish away dead skin and unclog pores
  • Combines refreshing organic essential oil with soothing organic aloe vera to naturally restore skin balance
  • Finish with organic sunflower carrier oil to nourish and keep the skin moist, soft and supple
  • Includes hot towel wrap with 10 minutes massage flame

Trip to the Garden       Manicure $40   Pedicure $50
  • Soak feet with Lavender Mineral Dead Sea Salt to gently exfoliate dead skin cells. This French Lavender is made from sweet almond oil and jojoba seed oil which deeply moisturizes the new layer skin underneath. This treatment with natural vitamin E is recommended for sensitive skin to help your skin feeling silky
  • Followed by an organic lavender essential oil to deliver advanced moist, nourishment and relieve extra dry skin
  • End this trip by massaging feet with flora Jasmine flavor oil made from 100% natural oil ingredient with pure essential oil leaving your skin more relaxed and healthy
  • includes hot towel wrap with 10 minutes massage flame

Journey of Nature        Manicure $40   Pedicure $50
  • Soak feet with Dead Sea Salts Rain Forest to refresh mind, body and tired aching muscles. It also softens skin, promotes relaxation and enhances energy.
  • Followed by a natural herbal exfoliating treatment formulated from Australian Tea Tree oil and cooling mint to condition and to revive rough dry callus skin
  • Complete this beautiful journey by applying a reflexology foot massage lotion made from wild mint and lavender.  This treatment contains relaxing and mind calming
  • Apply a small amount of Organic Jojoba oil massage directly from foot to knee to help nourish, replenish and soften skin
  • Includes hot towel wrap with 10 minutes massage flame
Sea of Life               Manicure $40   Pedicure $50
  • Soak feet with Peppermint Mineral Dead Sea Salts.  This application refreshes mind, body and stimulate circulation
  • Apply a thin layer exfoliating scrub treatment from earth therapeutics with hot towel wraps to sooth dry and worn-out skin
  • Apply a few drops of Ice (peppermint) 100% natural oil with Peppermint foot cream formulated from Aloe Vera, Cocoa and Illipe butter.  This treatment is recommended for hang nails.  It also helps soothe, nourish and relieve aching tense feet from a long busy work schedule
  • Includes hot towel wrap with 10 minutes massage flame

Additional Services
10 Minutes Massage Flame with different Scents
  • Citrus - Sweet orange
  • Ice - Peppermint
  • Flora - Jasmine
  • Tranquility - Lavender
10 Minutes Massage $10
30 Minutes Massage $35
     Polish Change
Hands $12
Toes $15
American & French $15
                      Paraffin Wax

Cut and File $5
Nail Art
$4 and UP
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