Organic Nail Care 
"A Healthy Alternative"

(The prices will vary depending on the condition of your nails)

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"After suffering for years with a badly discolored toenail, my wife finally convinced me to try you out... All I can say is WOW, what a difference you have made in a few months.  I totally believe in you, your plan and followed it to a "T" and could not be happier with the results. Yes, after 45 years of never wearing a flip flop or sandals outside, I am now able to do so thanks to you!!!                                                               Darrin A.
                                                                       Carrollton, TX

"Laney is the first nail technician to care about my health first by being honest with me about my ingrown toenails and secondly, what treatment would actually look like.  My ingrown toenails were continuing to become more painful with each passing pedicure at my former establishment and I couldn't figure out why but knew something wasn't right.  I then searched for Organic nail care in DFW and found Laney!  We met and she set me straight about what was going on with my feet.  She explained her standard of care was different and managed my expectations, as a client by being honest and upfront at what treatment would entail.  She gave me homework to do (an easy regiment to follow) in between our pedicures and here we are four months later and my toes have NEVER been pain free until Laney!  Laney will heal what ails your toes if you are willing to do the work she expects of you as you would expect of her as the expert she is.
                                                                   Jennifer M.
                                                                   Plano, TX

"Laney, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful mani-pedis you do! The products you use have made my nails so healthy and the extra care you give to my "worn out" feet is beyond amazing! I have no doubt that, were it not for the excellent foot care you provide, I wouldn't be able to walk as well as I do! You even make them look pretty!  It's been a privilege to find you - you're head and shoulders above the "routine" nail salons I've tried in the past.  I've come to you exclusively for nearly 4 years and can't imagine going anywhere else! You set the standard!

                                                                     Pamela K.
                                                                     Plano, TX

"Since my first visit to Organic Nails, I have been a loyal customer.  Not only is this salon affordably priced and extremely clean, Laney is extremely friendly and does great work.  I never feel rushed during a pedicure and Laney takes her time and does an amazing job.  The environment is relaxing with burning candles and a soothing soundtrack that only makes the experience that much better.  Compared to many other nail salons in the DFW, Laney takes the time to educate you about how to improve the health of your nails.  She even sends you reminders when it's time to remove your polish and apply calcium treatments when necessary.  Since going to Organic Nails, the overall health of my nails has greatly improved and she only uses quality products.  I cannot say enough good things about Laney and her salon.  I can't wait until my next appointment!  Thank you Laney!

                                                               Corey C.
                                                               Dallas, TX

"My toes were badly stained from long time polish wear... so much so that I was worried that I had a fungus.  I did research online looking for a natural alternative and that is when I found Laney.  I am so thankful that I did.  She reassured me that I did not have a fungus and that she could help me with my badly stained toenails.  She uses all organic products and natural, toxin free nail polish.  She does an amazing pedicure all while getting to relax in a soothing, one room private salon.  She had made my feet look so great that I am proud to wear my sandals! I highly recommend Laney to everyone! 
                                                           Amy A.
                                                           Carrollton, TX

"Even apart from the rarity that is an organic nail salon, Laney is really something special. I have NEVER had such a thorough, meticulous manicure with so much attention to detail! I recently spent a few days in an expensive, five-star luxury spa and the manicure I got there was twice as expensive and not even close to half as good as Laney's. If I lived closer, I would be going to her every few weeks. She is absolutely fantastic! Her nail studio is small and cozy but not cramped and totally free of the typical toxic odors that we are used to in "normal" salons. She also gave me a lot of tips and tricks on how to better manage my nails and cuticles at home. Laney is an absolute gem, go see her for all your nail care needs!"                                                                                            Colleen C.                                                                                                        Frankfurt, Germany                                                                                    
"Laney did a great job on my hands and feet. She was quick, professional and took care of the problem areas on my feet, while giving me recommendations to be able to take better care of my feet on my own.  She gives a great level of personal care and I was highly satisfied with the service I received. I will definitely be back. Thanks!"                                                                                                        
                                                                   Jennifer D.                                                                                                      Plano,TX                                  

"I have been looking for an organic nailcare place for many years as I live a very green/healthy/mindful lifestyle. My healthcare is through classical homeopathy and regular nailcare products are a big no no. I was about to give up when I noticed an Organic Nailcare mani/pedi offer on groupon. I was skeptical, but motivated by the discount and hopeful that I would indeed find a good place to have my nails done. I am so glad I did buy the groupon and called Laney. I had a wonderful experience. Laney's room is clean, peaceful, and quiet, and she focuses just on you and your needs. She did wonders with my nails that have been neglected for years. I was very pleased with the whole experience and am looking forward to my next appointment."                                                   Mimmi M.                                                                                                         Plano, TX

 "I have bought a groupon and had my man pedi last week.i really enjoyed everything and would go was very relaxing n pleasant.thank you"                                                                                Zahra A.                                                                                                          Plano, TX

 "Laney is very knowledgeable and a professional manicurist. The service Laney provides is impeccable; not to even mention the ambiance which is superb! If you are looking for someone to do a real mani and pedi this is the place to go. You will not be disappointed! I am so glad I found Laney! Thank you!!!!"                                                                Shirley S.                                                                                                        Carrollton, TX

"I have been going to Laney for several months. She is very knowledgable and detailed in caring for your nails and gives you her full attention. Her salon is very relaxing. Not only do to my nails look great after she is done, but I have had a relaxing experience also. I LOVE the fact that she uses natural/organic products that aren't harmful to my nails and I don't leave with a headache from smelling all the harmful chemicals like other salons. I am so thankful I found Laney!! I highly recommend Organic Nail Care!"                                                                                  Cheryl S.                                                                                                          Plano, TX

"Laney is great and provides a consistent quality nail care. I love that she uses organic and/or low chemical products to keep our nails and bodies healthy. She also keeps up with the latest colors. Her private suite is clean and relaxing including a deluxe massage chair. She is professional, courteous, and always fits me in whenever I call last minute due to my busy schedule."                                                           Kim J.                                                                                                              Flower Mound, TX

"Laney is the greatest gift!!! After searching for what I thought was ORGANIC nail care specialist, I stumbled across Laney's Organic Nail Care and immediately made an appointment. Laney is not only extremely knowledgable and passionate about caring for your nails, she is a really sweet woman and I have given her total trust in my nail care. My appointment was relaxing, and she was extremely detailed and took her time in caring for my nails and giving me instructions on how I could help at home. I have already noticed a huge difference in how my nails feel and LOOK!  I'm truly grateful for her. I look forward to my next appointment.                                                                                      Stephanie J.                                                                                                     Frisco, TX                                                      

"What a delightful experience!  Laney does a wonderful job with my manicure and is a true professional. She is great at suggesting colors that complement my skin tone.  My nails always look neat and my hands feel great."                                                                                                                                                                                          Sherrie S.                                                                                                       Carrollton,TX

"When I first brought my 92 year old mother in to see laney both her big toes were infected deeply.  The nail beds were black and laney would have to eventually remove both nails.  Mom was afraid because this was scary for her as well as the nail beds were painful. So every week I took mom in and laney performed her magic in the most loving and delicate manner. Never pushing my mom past her limits, yet gently moving her toes toward health.  After weeks of this amazing treatment my mom broke down in tears to see her feet restored to perfection!  She had her pretty feet back and she was thrilled as I.  Finding laney and using her organic methods to heal and restore broken nails was a true blessing."                                                                                                                                                                  Susan Schmidt                                                                                  Plano, TX

 "I’ve been visiting Laney for almost three months and the level of care and attention to detail is not like going to other nail care establishment.  Laney is a specialist and the work shows it.  In each session, she identifies any problems and explains it thoroughly.   One of the best things is that you never feel rushed during the appointments.  I’m a man and originally went to her to care for my ingrown toenail.  Not only was she able to treat it but was able to locate other problems with my feet that other pedicurists never mentioned.  I would recommend anyone especially men to visit her."                                                                                         Michael L.                                                                                                      Dallas, TX

"Thank you so much for the wonderful pedicure!  I have been getting pedicures for over 20 years, and recently considered not doing them anymore.  Every time I get my toes done I end up with ingrown toe nails.  I was told that it cannot be avoided.  I was frustrated and in pain!  I also have very dry feet.  I got on the internet and found Laney.  She is amazing!  She took a tremendous amount of her own time to work on my feet.  I do not have problem toe nails and Laney will be able to get my feet looking awesome for summer.  I have NEVER had such attention and knowledge of maintaining healthy feet!  Unlike my past pedicures ~ she didn't even hurt at all working on the ingrown toe nail.  I highly recommend Laney to anyone who wants to have a fantastic pedicure from a very sweet foot and nail specialist!  You won't find anyone else who will spend this much time and get such great results!  Thanks again Laney!!"                                                                                                                                                Lisa C.                                                                                                           Carrollton, TX

"I had the best pedicure ever! Laney did a wonderful job, she took her time and I was happy about the attention to detail.  Her salon is very clean, quiet, and relaxing with lots of beautiful plants and paintings on the walls."                                                                                      Nathan C.                                                                                                       Tustin, CA

"Laney delivers unparalleled service and takes a consultative approach to taking care of you!  Specifically, she is able to help me treat my nails and maintains my in-grown toe nails.   I rely on her strong expertise and dedicated service.  She is thorough, timely, and trust-worthy."                                                                                 Jessica C.                                                                                 Dallas, TX                 

"I was introduced to Laney 3 months ago at a spa when she noticed how bad a fungus on my right foot was. After i got married, she helped me get rid of the fungus. I have been coming every 2 weeks since July and my toe nail is 85 percent back to normal. I highly recommend Organic Nail Care. Conveniently located off the tollway in North Dallas."                                                                                 April P.                                                                                 Cedar Hills, TX

"I recently had a wonderful, out-of-the-ordinary experience getting a pedicure/manicure. Laney's all natural service is old school wonderful, not a drive through fast food chemical infused experience.  When you are ready for a serious pedicure, this is the woman to see. Laney.  The one and only.  Laney is an artist, a professional and a gracious hostess.  Her salon is intimate, extremely clean and fresh and non-chemical.  It's quiet and refreshing and Laney is totally focused on her single client.  She does not have other clients talking in the salon, she does not answer phone calls, she is totally attentive to the ONE client she is servicing.  !!AWESOME!! Laney's hour long pedicure is really special.  Laney knows feet! Along with the pedicure treatment She told me things about my feet that I have never heard before, simple , natural things that are so helpful to maintaining my feet. Her manicure is wonderful too! My fingernails were immediately happy after her manicure and they got stronger as they grew. I am very sensitive to odors and chemicals and usually hate being in a salon, but Organic Nail Care salon is a treat for the senses as well as the toes and fingers! so....when you have time for a big girl mani/pedi---call Laney---for the real deal."                                                                                                                                                                                      Donnasue S.                                                                                                     Dallas, TX

"Laney did a wonderful job with my manicure and pedicure! I was there in her quiet room , the only client,for almost a full 2 hours. Usually, with one of those coupon deals, you get the "rush job". Laney took her time and did a great deal for my way overdue hands and feet. You'll be happy with her attention."                                                  
                                                                  Janice M.                                                                                                        Plano,TX

"I've been using Laney for 2 months now. She is awesome. She uses "truly" Organic products including the fingernail polish. Her polish doesn't stain your nails nor smells horrible. Her shop is luxurious, sanitary, & inviting. Laney is meticulous and detailed about feet and hands. The best Mani-Pedi I have ever had. I have used expensive resort spas and regular nail shops they cannot compare. I'm grateful I don't have to smell acrylic. Definitely, Try Laney."                                                                                                                                                                         Karen R.                                                                                                           Plano, TX

"Went to get my living social mani/pedi last week and was delightfully surprised by the thorough and lovely job done by Laney. I was especially grateful that she talked me out of using a dark color of polish I brought and instead she mixed colors that looked good with my skin and are perfect for summer."                                              Virginia E.                                                                                                        Dallas, TX

"Very often after visiting nail salons my big toes would become excrutiatingly painful from ingrown toenails. My attention was caught when Urban Dealight advertised Laney's salon. Shortly after purchasing the coupon, Laney called me and set up my first appointment. Her salon is clean, full of natural plants and is beautifully decorated. There are no harsh chemical smells to breathe like in the other salons. There is no waiting, and no crowds to deal with. She and I have the place to ourselves. She has helped me heal my painful ingrown toenails. My cuticles are looking much better too. Laney is a lot of fun, always interesting to talk to."                                                                                         Kathleen E.                                                                                                       Carrollton, TX

"I too bought my voucher for the mani/pedi. Laney is absolutely wonderful! Since my first appointment, I now go every 5 weeks! It is the most relaxing and calming environment to enjoy your spa treatment. Laney is very professional yet at the same time friendly and charming! She is THE ONLY person to take care of my toenails and "fix" them so I don't get anymore ingrown toenails! What a relief, no surgery!"                                                                                                                        Andrea L.                                                                                                        Plano, TX
"I LOVE this place for so many reasons! The organic products Laney uses has dramatically improved the condition of my nails. Everything she uses is perfectly sterile and is individually packaged in a sterile bag. But the best part about this place is that I get this plush, relaxing room all to myself! It's a private service in a private suite and I feel like VIP every time I go! Laney is very passionate about what she does and I highly recommend her to everybody!"                                                       Aya M.                                                                                                            Irving, TX

"I have been going to Laney for 3months after been disappointed by many nail care professionals. My nails were chipped and split and just awful, I did not think anyone could help and Laney did not make any promises but she said if you do as I ask  you will see improvement. It is now been three months no more split nails no chips.  She is a miracle worker and this is all done naturally, It is so relaxing when you go it is just you and her, you never feel rushed there and she really takes her time and massages your arms and examines your nails, takes care of your cuticles  She can always tell when I have slacked up a bit.  She is wonderful.  Excellent Manicurist. You have got to try her you will not be disappointed."                                                                                                                  Janice J.                                                                                                          Allen, TX

"I have been going to Laney for about 4 months now, and I take the extra time to drive to her location in Plano from where I live 45 minutes away because I simply have never found anyone who is so attentive to my individual nail needs, not to mention the fact that she uses organic products on my skin.   I had a painful ingrown toenail for several years, and Laney was able to fix it for me. For those of you who have had one, you know just how awful it is to live with! I was so relieved to find someone who knows how to fix an ingrown toenail CORRECTLY and how to keep it from coming back.   The privacy and peacefulness of the hour I spend with her once a month is something I always look forward to."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Tricia W.                                                                                                         Hurst, TX 

"This is by far the BEST pedicure I have ever had in my life!!! Laney is AMAZING!! You are instantly relaxed when you walk into her salon. She is not only talented at what she does, but she is a joy to chat with :) You can also relax and enjoy the ambiance of the salon with it's peaceful music and lighting! I drive 30 minutes out of my way to see Laney and it is beyond worth it! I highly recommend this salon! Do yourself a favor and make an appt. you deserve this kind of pampering!! :)"                                                                                           Kendra B.                                                                                           Dallas, TX

"Both my husband and I are customers of Laney.  We love her and would follow her anywhere!  Laney does top notch manis and pedis and truly cares about her customers.  She is always accommodating and willing to work around your schedule.  Her salon is comfortable, relaxing, and immaculate.  Laney uses the best organic products out there; they feel and smell wonderful...a truly zen experience.  Laney is the BEST! "                                                                                         Patti B.                                                                                         Plano, TX  

"My experience with Lanney has been nothing short of fabulous.  She provides individual, one on one customer service.  That comes at a price that I am willing to pay because, while I am in her salon, she is singularily focused on me.  Great customer is a rarity today.  Additionally, timeliness is very important to me.  When I make an appointment, I want the time for that appointment to be honored.  With one person managing one chair in the salon, Lanney is exceptional at ensuring that we start on time and finish on time.  The environment is warm!  The music and aroma therapy are relaxing!!  This is how it should be!!!  Laney is simply the best!!                                                                                      Boderick H.                                                                                      Plano, TX

"I started going to Laney at Organic Nail Care when I purchased her Living Social coupon. I just moved to Texas 6 months ago. I had tried other nail salons and found them to have cheap service but a very uncomfortable, loud setting. Laney takes pride in her work and makes you feel relaxed from the moment you step in the door. Because it is not your normal nail salon, having that one on one time with her is very unique and an experience I have never had anywhere else. I live in Dallas, I drive 30 minutes to get to Laney. There is no one else like her out there! I recommend her to everyone.   Also, for the guys who are embarrassed to go to a nail salon at Organic Nail Care you will not feel that way. There is no one else in the room! She offers a very reasonable price and uses only the best organic products. You are paying for the quality."                                                                                                                                                                      Mandi B.                                                                                                          Dallas, TX                                                                                                                                                 
"What a great surprise Organic Nail Care was to me.  I bought a coupon at Christmas, made an appointment and thought I would be going to a large know the same ol' same ol'.   Wow, I was the only person being served in a very delightful room.  A great deal of care was given to creating a comfortable space for me to come and get a  manicure and pedicure.  The lighting was perfect, wonderful relaxing music and the soothing sounds of water.  I feel special and cared for when I am with Laney.  She knows what she is doing. As a women, I also like her spirit.  She is a real professional that respects herself, her customers and will not be pushed around...I applaud her going out on her own.  I live 25 miles from her and will keep coming back.  Laney knows my name and I believe that she cares about me.  We have great conversations.  If you want to be pampered with quality products and receive excellent service make an appointment with Lanie, you will not be disappointed.  She is a real find."                                                                                  Barb I.                                                                                  Celina, TX
"I have been getting pedicures from Laney for several years.  She always presents herself in a professional manner and does an excellent job in making me feel pampered each time I visit.  Her pedicures are awesome and I feel so relaxed each time I leave and can’t wait until the next appointment.  If you use her you will not be disappointed!"                                                                                                              Beverly J.                                                                                  Addison, Texas

"I have known Laney for about 4 years.  I started getting pedicures because of Laney and will not go to any one else.  She is very respectful, friendly, and courteous.  She takes pride in her work and her work is very sanitary."                                                                                                                                                                                         Karen L.                                                                                                          Garland, Texas

"I have been acquainted with Laney for 10 years at another nail salon.  She has always been very pleasant and is a capable young woman.  Laney goes out of her way to accommodate her customers and ensure they are happy with her work."                                                                  Kandy L.                                                                                   Plano, Texas

"Laney is an excellent pedicurist.  I have gone to her for years.  She never rushes, and her special touch is a foot to knee massage that is out of this world.  And my toes look beautiful at the end too! I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a great pedicure."                                                                                   Shawn D.                                                                                   Dallas, Texas               "I have been going to Laney for several years for my pedicure and she has always acted very professionally. Her knowledge and skill are exceptional. I would recommend her to anyone!!"                                                                                     Mrs.T.C. Robinson                                                                                   Dallas, Texas  

"I have trusted my toes to Laney for the past seven-plus years.  She does excellent work and I highly recommend her service.  She is professional, meticulous, and thorough.  I feel very, very confident with her skills, her cleanliness and the products she uses.  They are all of the highest quality!  Laney is also very artistic.  I am very pleased with her worksmanship and her passion to help people.  When it is your time to be pampered, Laney gives her full attention to only YOU.  I feel rested and refreshed after having my time with Laney.  She is a very sweet personable and hardworking person and has become a good friend.  She is totally trustworthy and reliable.  I can tell you once you have Laney for a pedicure, you will NOT be disappointed."                                                             Mary B.                                                                                    Carrollton, Texas

"I have been a client of Laney for about 10 years now.  She has always been very kind, attentive and extremely conscientious in her business.  I feel comfortable that she knows a lot about the health of our hands and feet and nails, and that she always strive to do the best quality job possible for her clients.  She has always been very considerate and helpful with me, especially if I have a problem with my nails and need her help to fix them.  Thank her for always caring so much about all her clients.  I’m sure all her clients will be very happy that they chose to come to her salon."                                                                                      Karen F.                                                                                    Addison, Texas

"Laney has been doing my manicure and pedicure for almost 7 years.  She is timely and works with me when I need to re-schedule.  She works hard and always puts the customers first.  She has keen eye for the type of color that would look good with your skin tone.  Her work is flawless.  I have real nails and it is difficult to find a manicurist who works with real nails that doesn’t beat them up.  The French manicure is so perfect that it is often mistaken as sculptured nails."                                                                                    Kathy S.                                                                                    Carrollton, Texas

"I have been going to Laney to do my pedicure since 2000.  It has been 10 years now since I've known her and although I have to drive 40 minutes each way to see her every month, I don't mind doing it because she always does an excellent job doing the pedicure. She takes care of my in-grown toe nail everytime with no problem and she chooses my nail polish color that looks best on me.  She is not just my pedicurist but also my friend.  I would recommend her to anybody and I assure you that she will give you her best service."                                                                      Fransisca T.                                                                                    Garland, Texas  

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